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 Every story she tells is my favorite story  -- Karima Amin, storyteller and author 


Oh, my goodness, shes's fabulous...her voice is so rich and full, her telling style is relaxed, fun and intimate.  She made a whole room full of people feel as if she was telling just to them. -- Karen Chase. storyteller and columnist  

Cris's presence is very strong.   -- Janice Booth, (former) executive director, Young Audiences of Western New York

Cris is both a delightfully entertaining performer and an exceptionally effective teacher of the craft of storytelling   --Diana Wyra, Director, Batavia Public Library 


Public Performances 

Eyes were wide with rapt wonder as the words rolled effortlessly off the tongue of Cris Riedel [who] delightfully held court at Debbie's Cafe for about two hours.  She had the audience eating out of her hands. -- DJ Smith, Editor  Genesee Country Express

The art of storytelling is very special and so was your visit.  -- Karen Benway, Colden Elementary School


We were all absorbed.    --Joan Smith, Mabel Powers Firecircle, The Chautauqua Institution 


 Summer reading shows

The program was very entertaining to the children as well as the parents!   --May Sharmat, Livonia NY Autumn in the Village


"Our community expects a high quality summer reading program...Cris did a wonderful job."     --Sarah Mathews, Wadsworth Public Library



Great!  Got so much out of it!

Answered questions I didn't even know I had! 

Good ideas and clearly explained.


Children said...

The stories made my imagination run wild!

When can you come back?

I wish you could come tell us more stories for the rest of the year.