About Cris Riedel

A twenty-year veteran of performing stories, Cris likes best to tell the old ones.  Folktales of those who solve the problem–and save the day–with their wits.  She has performed at the Stone Soup and Lehigh Valley Festivals, and is celebrating ten years of telling for summer reading programs in her native western New York state.

From Cris's Commentary

Quickie #4 Singin’ in the Rain October 2, 2016

Well, singing in the shower…  To expand your vocal range — find higher and lower pitches than you usually use — sing in the shower!   Several advantages: 1) NO ONE IS LISTENING! You can play all you like, try new things;  2) the warm water lubricates your vocal folds, making higher pitches more easily … Continue reading Quickie #4 Singin’ in the Rain

And it’s the THIRD Quickie! September 6, 2016

Happy September to all, especially to those who are back in school.  So, tension is the enemy of the strong, effective voice. Lots of us carry tension in the back of the neck down across the shoulders. A simple way to ease this tightness?  With the tip of your nose,  slowly ‘draw’ an infinity sign, … Continue reading And it’s the THIRD Quickie!