About Cris Riedel

A twenty-year veteran of performing stories, Cris likes best to tell the old ones.  Folktales of those who solve the problem–and save the day–with their wits.  She has performed at the Stone Soup and Lehigh Valley Festivals, and is celebrating ten years of telling for summer reading programs in her native western New York state.

From Cris's Commentary

December’s Quickie– got phlegm?? December 1, 2016

We all get it – that bit of goo in the throat.  Here’s a little trick:  Exhale softly, making a “kaaah’ sound.  Now inhale, making the same “kaaah.”  What’s happening here? You are moving the back of your tongue up to meet your soft palate  Repeat this in-out action five or six times, and the issue … Continue reading December’s Quickie– got phlegm??

November Quickie November 3, 2016

This seems like an easy one —  breathe.  But are you breathing properly, fully?  Take a deep breath, right now.  Does your whole chest expand?  You need breath to make sound.  Explore your rib cage, from the lowest right by your waist, to the top, not quite to your collarbone.  Where there are ribs, there … Continue reading November Quickie